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Nicki Is My Number One


Nicki - Age 12.5
Pictured at 12½ years old

AKC #: WF845804

Black & Rust
65 lbs., 26½ in.

Thyroid and Blood
Panel Normal at Age 13

(May 12th, 1986 - July 2nd, 1999)



Sir Rufus von Redding


Davis' Blue Saber


Nicki came from a litter of two black girls, two blue girls, two black boys and one blue boy. I brought her home at the tender age of 6 ½ weeks.

She was my first Dobermann and my best friend. She had been my dog to learn with, compete with, win with, loose with, cry with, laugh with. She was by my side through so many of life's twists and turns, good and bad. She helped me build my dog training business from the ground up, always being the patient demo dog, even taught herself how to do things "wrong" when she felt that I needed her to, in order to teach an exercise to the students. She allowed me to try out and practice many different training techniques, as well as bringing me to the sport of Schutzhund. She learned to do not only obedience, but also tracking and protection, to the SchH 1 level; though we didn't compete due to her already advanced age (8 at the time). She tried out lure coursing with me and did better than my sighthound. She learned agility and won us some prizes. She learned around 20 tricks to perform for spectators and with the drill team we founded. She won trick contests, performed in front of crowds, always an ambassador to the breed. She walked parades with me and visited the elderly to cheer them up. She made many friends along the way. Even near the end, she would still try to sit up, sneeze, pray or take a bow for anyone who had a treat for her!

I can't tell you how much she meant to me...

I love you Nicki.... you'll always be my "Number One"!


Ronald Martell
Visalia, California


Britt Coffman
Bakersfield, CA 93312

Club Affiliation:

Country Canines Dog Drill Team
Founding Director, Choreographer

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