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Dobermann Discussion List

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This list is brought to you by Britt Coffman of Danika Dobermanns, in hopes of providing a free and un-moderated discussion forum for "working" Dobermann enthusiasts, with particular emphasis on discussing topics related to the breeding, raising and training of the Schutzhund Dobermann!

At present, there are approximately 340 members on Doberlist, from all over the world! More are joining daily and discussion is fascinating!

All topics relating to training for Schutzhund titles, raising puppies for the sport, selection of the breeding pair, as well as litter announcements, show/trial results and health issues are encouraged.

The following is just a small sample of possible discussion threads and announcements:

  • Schutzhund Tracking, Obedience & Protection Training
  • Raising the working Dobermann puppy
  • Developing the competition Dobermann
  • Troubleshooting training exercises
  • Stud dog selection/Suggested matings
  • Caring for the pregnant bitch/Raising puppies
  • Breeding techniques to enhance working abilities
  • Breeding better Dobermanns
  • Health Issues/Longevity
  • Breeding/Litter Announcements
  • Trial/Show Results

This list is in no way trying to take you away from the UDC-list or from Doberworld, but rather fill a separate need, i.e. List members do not have to be a member of any club, and list discussion is going to refrain from AKC related and S&R/Agility/Therapy type of issues etc. The list will be hosted in digest form only.

To subscribe, simply

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Click to join Doberlist

That's all there is to it! A welcome file with further information will be sent to you upon receipt of your message.

This list is dedicated to the memory of

--> Laser <--

"Ace Laserbeam vom Haus Jagen, CGC, BH, SchH I"
You taught me so much, I will never forget you!

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