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Nicki's Photo Album


Nicki was my first Dobermann.

When I bought her, I knew little of puppy selection, training finesse, owning a Dobermann or Schutzhund. All I knew was that there was no question in my mind, that this was the breed for me. Call it fait. Call it destiny.

There was an ad in the paper for Dobermann puppies. The pick of the litter was to be $125. Way too much to spend on a dog, I thought, but if you want quality, you have to pay for it! My, how times have changed!

The first time I saw the babies, they were about 6 weeks old. There were blacks and blues, but I knew I wanted a black girl. The dam was a blue, the sire was a red, both looked like nice dogs, both belonged to this family with their two kids.

I needed help picking a pup though. They all looked alike! A friend came to the rescue, he did some puppy testing and finally picked Nicki for us!

We brought her home at only 6.5 weeks old! Wasn't she cute?

Little Nicki at about 8 weeks old!She soon became the competition and companion dog I had always dreamed of!

She earned several High in Trial performances and class placements in the AKC obedience ring.

But she always kept a great sense of humor, too!

Nicki with her 'Foot'Look at her, with her big stuffed "foot" and that big black button nose! She sure was a character!

We started teaching group obedience classes together, her and I. Nicki was only a year and a half old then. Together, we taught countless beginners and advanced students how to do obedience and have a great companion. Together we learned an incredible amount as we taught and learned. Nicki helped me teach until she was over 11 years old. Below is a picture of her during the early days... Can you see how much we adored each other?

Say your prayers!

She competed at many events, earning a CDX, CGC, then helping me discover Schutzhund, where we competed for her BH and trained for Schutzhund 1.

Then, we started a dog drill team! That was lots of fun! I choreographed some drills for parades at first, then created "dances with dogs" for several songs to perform during community events, at nursing homes, children's shelters and the likes.

Here we are, practicing together! Nicki and I are in there, can you find us?

Drill Team in Action!

Nicki and audience member "saying prayers"


Another highlight of our performances were also the individual trick performances of our dogs for the crowd! Here's a picture of a member of the audience helping us out in performing "prayers"!


Nicki loved this and truly enjoyed showing herself off!


The team and Santa!Here's a shot of us "hanging out" with Santa at one of our many Christmas parades!

We won a few trophies, too, but most important was the joy we were able to bring to those we performed for!

Another cute picture below, of some of us after a parade, with a local radio personality! 

Nicki and friends...

The only mistake God made when he made dog, is that they don't live long enough...

In early July of 1999, at the age of 13,
Nicki and I took our last drive together...

"My little baby girl, I miss you so!
What a good girl you were!
Mommy will always love you!"

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