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Reckendahl's Kanishka

Kanishka the AzawakhThis is my Azawakh, Kanishka.

He was born on November 17th, 1988 as the 26th Azawakh in the US.

I had heard about the breed in an article in Dog World Magazine, and thought they were the most elegant, mysterious looking creatures I had seen. The article also described the breed as possessing un-hound-like temperament qualities, such as a protective instinct and high willingness to please their masters.

The only US breeder at the time was indeed located in California's high desert and after meeting the breed and seeing them close-up, I knew I wanted to become involved.

Kanishka was about 6 months old when I first saw him, and I instantly knew that he was going to be a true show dog.

Three days after I brought him home, we entered our first Rare Breed Club show and he delighted me by going Best in Show Puppy immediately!

Here is the picture we took after winning the Group that day:

Kanishka's First Show

We went to many shows after that, always at least winning the breed and many many times placing or winning the Hound group. Kanishka's showing style was always that of a bit of arrogance, almost as if he knew he was an aristocrat. He would look over the collection of other dogs in the ring and "float" past them with total sureness that he was miles better than them! In the picture below, we were waiting to go in the ring, and you can see Kanishka's elegant carriage and perfect leg placement, even when not formally stacked.

Waiting to go in the ring...Kanishka's lovely conformation, excellent, flashy gait and super show dog/winning attitude helped him win several Championships and introduced the breed to many judges and fanciers around the country at dog shows, pet fairs and other events. One of the great honors was to be invited to the "Tournament of Champions" in Detroit, Michigan, were he won BOB and placed 8th among all breeds present.

Kanishka is now over 10 years old, and still as agile as ever. Jumping up 7' straight in the air when it's dinnertime and acting silly when you blow air in his face, he's still the perfect gentleman he's always been.

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