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Aanisah's Picture Gallery

Nisah doing a full mouth biteThis picture shows Danika's Aanisah during a protection workout with helper Armin Winkler. Notice the deep bite and determined and fearless expression in her eyes! Aanisah is of our own breeding stock, out of Ace Laserbeam vom Haus Jagen and Danika Julia vom Kaiserhaus. She is a very dark brown dog, with elegant features. She will be going on the trial field for her first Schutzhund titles soon. Click the link to see Aanisah's pedigree!
The Hold & BarkThis exercise is called the "Hold and Bark". The dog should bark at the decoy while he is standing still, then stop him, should he try to escape. We start this exercise with the decoy moving towards the dog, then standing still and rewarding the dog with a bite as soon as s/he barks. Once the dog understands the concept of waiting for the decoy to move before biting, we advance to putting some "pressure" on the dog while s/he is barking. In this picture, the "pressure" (=difficulty for the dog) comes from the decoy's threatening posture and facial expressions. After a few barks and good eye contact with the helper, Nisah was rewarded by getting to bite the sleeve and winning it. The "Hold and Bark" exercise is required in all three levels of Schutzhund competition, hence the importance of a carefully planned training program! For a complete listing of Schutzhund rules and regulations, click here.

Hope to see you on the trial field!

Britt and Aanisah

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