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Dobermann Mystique

Think back... What was it, that first attracted you to this magnificent breed?

  • Was it the Dobermann's powerful, yet elegant appearance?

  • Was it their high intelligence and working abilities?
  • Was it the mystique surrounding the breed?

  • Or was it the many accounts of their heroic acts and undying devotion to their masters, that intrigued you so?

Click here to learn more and explore the history of the Dobermann breed.

The History of the Dobermann
In Memory

The Sport of Schutzhund ~ Triathlon for Dogs

Drakkar vom Kaiserhaus with Britt


  • What is it?
  • How do you get involved?
  • What are the rules?
  • Which titles can you earn?
  • Where do you go to participate?
  • How do you even pronounce it?
  • Where can you get further information?

This article hopes to explore these and other questions about the fascinating sport of Schutzhund.


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